How to sell your Home fast in Sioux Falls, SD

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This comprehensive guide will show you how to sell your home fast in Sioux Falls, SD.  We will be covering pricing strategies, preparing your home to sell, have your home pre-approved (home Inspection) and how to pick the right real estate agent.

If you are wondering what your home might sell for in today's Sioux Falls, SD market place.  Give me a call at 605-366-7119, or use this Instant Home Valuation.  It only takes a minute, and I will follow up with you to decide if you want a personal home valuation.


Pricing Strategies to help you sell your home fast!

It is important to have good comparables that have sold recently that compare the best to your home.  When looking at the homes, it is best to really compare the homes and see that they have comparable features. After comparing to the best comparable sold properties , then you need to look at the homes that are currently available on the market.  If the active listings are showing that you can support the price from the sold comparables then that is the correct price for putting your home on the market.  Sometimes there happens to be alot of active listings then you need to bring your price down so that you know that you are the best price home on the market.  Remember if the homes that are better then yours, sell then they will now be your new comparables used by a licensed appraiser when the time comes that your home sells.  Keep in mind that your home needs to be in good repair.  If you have several repairs that need to be done, the appraiser might bring your value down, to compensate for the needed repairs and depending ont he loan, they still might expect that you do these repairs also.  This is why you want to have a prehome inspection done on your home, to make sure that you have any repairs done that are needed for a licensed appraiser to give you your value.



Capture closed sales

Preparing your home to sell!





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